Cannabis Dispensary in Ontario, OR

At Burnt River Farms, our staff’s knowledge and experience will help you, the cannabis consumer, be more informed. Our growing, extraction, packing, and shipping operations are located in Huntington, OR, near Ontario and right next to the Burnt River. Our natural cultivation techniques yield more than 25 of Oregon’s best strains. 

We’re one of the state’s largest producers of single-source, strain-specific extracts. Using our own flower as source material, we ensure that our extracts are rich in terpenes and extraordinarily clear. All BRF products are packed and shipped from our facility in Huntington, which means they’re sure to meet our strict quality standards.


At BRF, we’re extremely proud of our flower offerings. When you make a purchase from us, you’ll receive the highest quality product. We produce some of Ontario’s finest flowers, and our wide selection of strains sets us apart from the competition. 

Though we offer some of the cannabis industry’s most well-known strains, we also have options that can’t be found anywhere else. Each phenotype and strain provide different effects, aromas, and tastes. Our cultivation, trimming, and curing methods are what allow us to achieve such high standards. By hand-trimming our flower, we ensure that it maintains its benefits and other qualities.

We believe that selecting medicinal cannabis should be a process to look forward to. We’re always looking for new and exciting strains that meet our consumers’ needs, and our current offerings range in potency from 12-24% THC. New and experienced users can benefit from our flower, and we’re always ready to hear your feedback. It’s our duty to provide the highest quality products and service that our customers deserve. Contact us today for more details.


More than other ingestion methods, lighting a joint is emblematic of the cannabis culture. Pre-rolls are ready-made joints sold by Burnt River Farms for our customers’ convenience. No skills, patience, or special equipment are required; all you’ll need is a lighter and a place to enjoy responsibly.

Our vendors craft our pre-rolls from the finest strains, so you always know what you’re getting. If you’re looking for pain relief, a Samoa Cookies pre-roll is a great choice. However, if a sleepy high is what you’re after, Katsu Bubba Kush may be a better choice. Our customers often try several pre-rolls before finding the right strain, and they do so with the reassurance that all pre-rolls are produced in sanitary factory conditions.


Our marijuana edibles, including lozenges, chocolates, candies, and capsules, offer safe, effective, and long-lasting effects. Most of our edibles are rich in THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC edibles are often consumed for medicinal and recreational purposes. Some of our edibles contain other cannabinoids such as CBD, or cannabidiol, with little THC. Browse our selection or consult a knowledgeable staff member to find the right edibles for your needs.


Our concentrates are available in a selection of forms, types, and consistency. These products vary widely in chemical composition and purity, which indicates the quality of the source materials and our extraction methods.

Concentrates are often named according to their appearance or how they’re made. For instance, BHO, or butane hash oil, is an extract made with butane, and shatter is a concentrate with a glasslike texture. With help from the experts at Burnt River Farms, it’s easy to find a concentrate that meets your needs.


New consumption methods are changing long-held beliefs. Today’s marijuana is available in several forms, and not all of them provide the high for which the plant is known. Topicals are just one example of how these new concepts are changing the public’s perceptions. Now, even the staunchest anti-drug advocates are entering the world of marijuana.

Topicals are marijuana-infused oils, balms, and lotions that are applied to the skin for possible relief of soreness, inflammation, and pain. Because they contain no intoxicants, topicals are a popular choice among patients who want the plant’s therapeutic benefits without its euphoric effects. The industry is rapidly changing, and new products such as patches and lubricants appeal to medicinal patients and recreational users alike.


Vaping marijuana is a smoke-free process that involves the heating of concentrate or dry flower without burning. Vaporizers are popular for their portability, their easy use, and their consistent dosing. Consult one of our customer service reps to find the right vaping features and size for your needs.

CBD-Dominant vs. THC-Dominant Products: What’s the Difference?

Marijuana’s effects are brought about by cannabinoids. These chemical compounds interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system. THC is the most plentiful cannabinoid; CBD or cannabidiol is also in abundant supply.

THC is the compound for which marijuana is known, and its mood-elevating, euphoric effects are well-documented. When used properly, THC creates a sociable, appreciative feeling; when used improperly, it may lead to feelings of anxiety and paranoia. Fortunately, the negative effects are temporary and can be mitigated by CBD. Browse our selection today to find the right CBD- or THC-dominant product for your recreational or medicinal needs.

Our Difference

Burnt River Farms is the Ontario area’s best source for marijuana, related products, accessories, and information. We’ve made it our mission to provide access to high-quality products at a reasonable price. With our commitment to responsible use, we’re striving to change the public’s perceptions of this useful plant.

At Burnt River Farms, Respect is at the Heart of Everything We Do

At Burnt River Farms, we value and respect our clients. We’re passionately focused on enhancing consumers’ lives by offering a variety of medicinal and recreational marijuana products. If you’re new to the area and wish to become a patient, or if you’re looking for a friendly, professional dispensary, contact us today.